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Are stall letters legal for credit bureaus to send?

Based on the laws that the Fair Credit Reporting Act has set, it is legal for credit bureaus to send out letters to notify consumers of a response to a dispute or other information (such as informing someone that the bureau is not going to investigate or reinvestigate an item). They also can stall the process by requesting personal information such as your identity for validation purposes. The credit bureaus write these vague and sometimes confusing letters, mostly with the intent of stalling consumers, hoping that the dispute will not be pursued. They also send these letters out hoping to scare consumers away. If they state legal terms or ask for a lot of documentation they hope you will feel defeated and not pursue the issue any further. This is commonplace and happens to the majority of consumers who send disputes to the credit bureaus; however, persistence will eventually warrant a response. At A+ Financial, we know how the bureaus operate and we are diligent in our efforts to accomplish the results you are seeking and remove the inaccurate information from your credit report.


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