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Over a decade, A+ Credit has built a reputation as a leader in credit restoration. Find out how we can help you save hundreds and even thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest and charges. We strive to deliver A+ customer service and to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. The BBB consistently rates us as top-notch and our many reviews over the years online are a testament to our commitment to our clients.

A+ Credit on the WAVE 3 Troubleshooter

Louisville’s Troubleshooter is well-known for her tough investigative reports. We were honored to appear on the show and even more honored when we were invited back to answer live callers questions on credit and debt.
Success Stories

A+ Credit was GREAT!!! They started working on our credit right away and gave us advice on things we could do to help our scores as well. With their help we were able to be pre-approved for a home loan in less than 90 days!!! ~TJW

Roger started with only one score. The other two credit bureaus just didnt have enough information to score him. Look what happened in 2 months!

Jason needed to refinance his home, but with a 539 mid, it just wasnt going to happen. With a 618 midscore, he had options!

Wow! Midscore went from a 535 to a 671!

Michael and Pat started well below the 620 lending requirements and now are BOTH in the 650’s!

Erin improved her scores 74 points in 74 days and now qualifies for a Conventional Loan!!

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