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No set-up fees!

Getting started with A+ Credit is easy! Our consultations are done via phone and there is no charge to see if you’re a good candidate for our program. We’d like to review a credit report if possible. If you have a credit report already, just forward it to us via email or fax. If you don’t have a credit report, here are some ways to obtain one:

You are entitled to one free credit report from each of the 3 credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) once per year and may be entitled to additional reports during the year if you’ve been denied credit or experienced another adverse action based on a credit report.

When requesting a report, you will be asked to provide information to prove your identity. Those questions may have to do with prior addresses, accounts you have opened in the past etc. These questions are typically easy to answer. Once you have provided that information, you should see a link to download your credit report in a .pdf file. You can then forward a copy of that to us for review.

will provide all 3 credit reports for $1. If you opt to do this, please note that you’re entering into a 7-day trial membership and will be subject to additional charges if you don’t cancel your membership within the 7-day trial period.

will provide you with your TransUnion and Equifax reports. They will provide scores as well, but be aware that they do not use the FICO scoring systems used by most banks, mortgage companies etc.